Why black?

Once there was a little boy named Joko who happened to be black, while his parents were white, because he felt different and his curiosity he tried to ventured to ask his mama

joko: Mama, am i your son?

Mama: Yes you are a child of mama, whose child again. Why do you call me son? (mother trying to find out why his son asked like that)

Joko: Because your skin is white mama, but my skin is black. Why mama bore me black skin? (Joko keeps asking)

Mama: it’s okey, black is fine (Trying to answer briefly so as not to be asked again)

Joko: why ma? Ask joko still curious

Mama: If you are white, it will get dirty easily

joko: ^%$^^&^^&*(&

* Being a mother must have many ideas to answer unexpected children questions, and accept its shortcomings

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